Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Welcome to Room 19 / 20

Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome to a new term. We hope you had an enjoyable break with your families and that students are refreshed and ready to begin lots of new learning.
Rachael (Room 19) has 27 Year 2/3 students.  Kim and David (Room 20) have 27 Year 2/3 students. 
Rachael is working full time, Kim is working Mon – Wed and David is working Thurs and Fri.
Our classes work together in all curriculum areas, except for specialist lessons.
On Tuesday the 14th February we plan to have a sleep over in the hall as a team building activity and to develop positive relationships. The sleep over will begin with an informal acquaintance session before children are left at school. More information will follow later in the week.

Just a few reminders: 
Year 2 Swimming will be held in Week 4. More information to follow later.
Ardtornish is a nut aware school and as we do have students with severe allergies please ensure that no products containing nuts are sent to school.
Hats are to be worn for all outdoor activities during Term 1. 
Diaries can be covered but all other books will be covered at school.
Please provide an Art Smock.
Students are required to bring only fresh fruit/vegetables for Brain Break.
It would be appreciated if each student could provide a box of tissues for the class to share.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.   

Kind regards
Rachael Agaciak, Kim Long and David McAskill